Transform how you use, share and experience, your data

Findr.Digital partners with and uses Clara data node management technology to provide next-generation, real-time, dynamic data mapping visualisation capability. You’ll be able to quickly find, sort, connect, extract, and export information with ease

Bring your data to life



Data Visualisation

Dynamically view your business, your projects, people and others across the sector in node’ view.

Live Filtering

Filter data and views in realtime. No static or out-of-date digital maps or databases here.

The Findr team will work with
you to identify data – value use
cases, uncover revenue
opportunities and quickly
stand-up live experiences  for
evaluation and implementation

With a super easy to use SAAS license you can purchase direct from of from Findr.Digital. 
Core capabilities include:



Find those people and projects that matter, deep dive into their data and sort into your data visualiser.


Digital information cards show pivotal information and who/ how to connect.


View, share and download data as a soft copy visual map, as a CSV/Excel or connect with API to back end CRM/Inbound Marketing products.

Manage your company data and visualisation map

Submit your organisation (or project), manage logo, category data, contracts, budgets, personal, contact information and directly and in real-time.

Findr for Associations and eco-systems

The Clara platform generates a visualisation map of your organisation in a style that reflects your brand. Data can be put into buckets by any characteristic, whether it’s member status, sector business category or any other. filed structure that works for you
 Organisations can be colour coded based on technology (or any other characteristic), and node sizes based on member size, employee numbers, or revenue, projects, or any other area of accountable delivery

Sales and Marketing: No matter if consuming or sharing data, the digital contact cards can deliver sales and marketing messages, multimedia and digital experience, communication links to the website, email, conferencing, chat (and more)

Live examples you can view right now include these current organisations.

Project and Budget

Findr for business and project identification and management.

Findr helps you visualise any dataset interactively within a data map, so you can find, sort, connect, extract, and manage complex data

Our clients use the tool to understand which stakeholders are involved in which projects as well as to get updates on projects statuses, delays, funding and more. They also use it to communicate across the organisation in a visually stimulating way, especially for non-tech-savvy users

Data visualisation not only helps identify projects, people, and budgets in detail, but makes it really easy to have a helicopter view of the inner workings of your team, configure optimal resources, uncover duplication and more

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Fact Sheet Cover
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We know this is new technology and understanding its capability extends beyond what you see as a user or customer. It is what is under the covers that takes your business to another level

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out for more information.

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Jason Roberts

Director and Business Lead

James Brown

Director and Chief Revenue Officer

Josh Roberts

Customer Success

About Us

Why Findr?

Do you remember Rolodex, business cards, and spreadsheets?

For decades, we have all had trouble finding, maintaining, and sharing our contact and business data . Its always been a pain to manage – and then to share in an easy (and visual) way.

Recently data node visualisation technologies have come to the market enabling a new solution method. It is our mission to help you solve this problem


Findr Digital is a full-service data visualisation provider based in Auckland, Aotearoa/NZ. As a reseller and commercial partner with Clara we provide, set up and maintain the Clara platform under license

Clara is a UK-registered company with a development team in Berlin and has multiple organisations using their platform around the world

Setting up Findr:

Setting up a Data visualisation experience involves a three stage process of:



Use case identification and establishing value benefit. This is a light and simply packaged engagement.



Working with your team turning flat data into a dynamic digital visual map providing for real-time user experience and refinements with the Findr team.



Buying a SAAS license directly from or through Findr digital makes your platform live.